Recruiting talents to evolutionize today
and make future sustainable

  • Healthy, Together, Forever

    Dong-A Chammed is a medical healthcare company
    that contributes to the development
    of medical technology and service improvement
    for the health and happiness of mankind.

  • Chammed Division

    With the world's third-largest
    competitive edge in ENT workstation,
    Chammed builds a strong position
    in the global market.

  • Infection Control Division

    We protect and care for people
    through leading IPC solutions.
    With more evident-based,
    safer and more convenient products
    and services,
    we will be trusted partner
    for people to protect everywhere.

  • Diagnostics Division

    From blood collection to result analysis,
    provides solutions for the entire
    in vitro diagnostic process.
    Pursues sustainable growth
    for the health and happiness of the people.

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dong-a CHAMMED

Dong-A Chammed is a medical device company
established under the management
philosophy of health and happiness in human life
and is leading the advancement
of global medical technology

  • Establishment


  • Sales Revenue


  • Sales Revenue


  • Employees

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  • Jeong-Do management

    Dong-A Socio Group defines 'Pursuit of human health and happiness' as 'Social responsibility'. Jeong-Do management means socially responsible management, and expresses a company's willingness to grow together with society

  • Human Rights Management

    Dong-A Socio Group practices human rights management that values human dignity and values in accordance with the 정도경영 philosophy and international standards for corporate social responsibility (ISO26000).

  • Environmental Management

    Based on the ISO14001 environmental management system, Dong-A Socio Group raises employees' awareness of environmental issues such as climate change and air pollution, and prepares a system to respond to major environmental issues such as energy, greenhouse gases and waste.

  • Compliance Management

    To strengthen management transparency, Dong-A Socio Group is making various efforts, including preparing relevant guidelines and systems, operating the organization in charge, establishing an ABMS (Anti-Corruption Management System), and obtaining ISO37001 certification as an international standard.

  • Consumer-Centered Management

    Dong-A Socio Group requires a strategic and comprehensive approach to information protection through technical measures, policies, employee training, etc. to protect the personal information of consumers, and emphasizes the confidentiality, integrity and availability of sensitive information.


We are taking off
as a total healthcare solution provider centered
on medical devices.

  • The world's third-largest ENT workstation
    Chammed Division

    Chammed is positioning itself as the world's third-largest brand for ENT workstations, and Clavion is pioneering the field of advanced imaging technology through the development of advanced imaging systems.

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  • Protect. EverywhereInfection Control

    We strive to provide the best products and services with the mission to protect and care for people through leading infection control solutions.

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  • From blood collection
    to result analysis
    Diagnostics Division

    The Diagnostics Division established as a Reagent Division at Dong-A Pharm in 1984 provides solutions for the entire IVD process, from blood collection to result analysis

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